• Ekbatan Cement Co.
  • Neyzar Qom Cement Co.
  • Faraz Firouzkuh Cement Co.
  • Espandar Lime Complex Co. (Alborz)
  • Espandar Lime Complex Co. (Azarshahr)
  • Arta Ardebil Cement Co.
  • Transportation Company Of Amn Tarabar Almas Espandar

Introduction of a Company



Espandar Cement Investment Holding (Private Joint Stock Company)


Espendar Cement Investment Holding was established in 2006 with the successful participation of foreign and domestic investment. This group is the only private sector holding company in the country's cement and lime industry, and with a variety of factories in different cities of the country, it has a major share of domestic and export markets.
Arta Ardabil Cement Factories, Faraz Firoozkooh, Ekbatan Hamedan and Nizar Qom, as well as Tabriz and Alborz lime factories in Firoozkooh, along with the safe transportation company Trabar Diamond Espandar and Espandar Packaging Industries, are among the subsidiaries of Espandar Holding.
The use of holdings structure benefits along with the use of knowledge and expertise in the world class and capable domestic and international management has led to a variety of quality products of this group, including Portland cement, white cement and industrial lime,have a prominent place in domestic and international markets.



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