• Ekbatan Cement Co.
  • Neyzar Qom Cement Co.
  • Faraz Firouzkuh Cement Co.
  • Espandar Lime Complex Co. (Alborz)
  • Espandar Lime Complex Co. (Azarshahr)
  • Arta Ardebil Cement Co.
  • Transportation Company Of Amn Tarabar Almas Espandar


Is there a factory called Espandar Cement?

No, Espandar is a private holding which has different factories under control but there is no Espandar Cement Factory.

How much is the price of cement in Espandar?

Espandar, like all other cement companies in Iran, abides by Iran cement association and their approved price.

Which Espandar subsidiary has higher quality cement?

All of Espandar subsidiaries have recieved quality certifications and standards. Based on management emphasis on quality, Espandar products have higher quality than Iran standards.

Which Espandar subsidiaries export their product?

Arta Ardebil, Ekbatan and Neyzar Qom all export their products via different borders.

Which type of cement do you have?

When pointing with your mouse on the map in our homepage, you can see the products each plant offers.

How long after paying the purchase price would the product be sent to them?

Each subsidiary has its own policy about this issue. To get detailed information please contact each plant directly.

Do you have the analysis of your export product?

Sure, the analysis would be given to any costumer who requests it.

Where is the sales office?

Depending on each subsidiary, it can be in Head office in Tehran or it could also be in plant itself. To get detailed information please contact each plant directly.