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Portland Clinker

Is a result of a chemical reaction of limestone,clay and other additive materials under extreme heat treatment in a kiln which mostly consists of Calcium silicates and Aluminates. To produce grey clinker, raw materials such as Iron oxides, clay and ... are usually combined with limestone.


Portland Cement

The result of grinding portland clinker + additives (gypsum,slag or ...) in a cement mill. Portland cement is the most common type of cement that sometimes called OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement).



Cement Type 1

If the cement type is not mentioned, usually type one is assumed. It is used in conditions that low sulfate attack occurs also for making common mortar or concrete for buildings. 

                Type 1-325 - The minimum resistance is 325 kg/cm2 after 28 days.

                Type 1-425 - The minimum resistance is 425 kg/cm2 after 28 days.


Cement Type 2

Cement type 2 is the most produced cement type in Iran. This type of cement has low heat of hydration and should be strong enough to resist moderate sulfate attacks and could be used underground water or deep in the earth with high percentage of Sulfates.  


Cement Type 5

It’s an anti-sulfate Portland cement which is used for making concrete which high resistance to sulfates. This type of cement is used for building dams, bridges and underground constructions because of its low heat of hydration and extremely high resistance. It is not recommended for making reinforced concrete because of chemical chlorine attacks.


Pozzolanic Cement

This type of cement contains up to 15% Pozzolan. Pozzolanic cement is used for big constructions  because its heat of hydration is lower than cement type 2. The rate of its resistance development is also slower that type 2 and 5, but in long-term it surpasses them both. Its main characteristic is its high chemical resistance which makes pozzolanic cement a suitable candidate to be used in environment with high Sulfate and Chlorine degree. Concrete which is made of this cement has low Permeability, high durability & chemical resistance.


Special Pozzolanic Cement

This product contains between 15 to 30% pozzolan. The degree of the pozzolan could be different due to costumer's request. This type of cement could be used for building dams.


White Cement

White Ordinary Portland Cement (WOPC) is in many ways the same as grey cement except for its extremely high degree of whiteness. To achieve this whiteness some changes should be made in the process of production line. White cement is used to produce a brighter concrete with richer colours (white concrete) which is mostly used for decorative purposes.





Cement type definitions are based on ISIRI standard number 389  (http://www.isiri.org/portal/files/std/389.htm) and ASTM standard C150 (http://www.astm.org/Standards/C150.htm